Tech Upgrade

Here’s a confession; I am not a fan of fancy gadgets and gizmos. Of course, for the sake of sounding smart and never be left behind in any tech-related conversation, I stuffed my brain with lotsa information pertaining to what’s new on the tech shelf. But little that you know, meh, me don’t really care.

I do own several number of gadgets but only the basic ones; mobile phone, iPad for easy cases reference, my eternal first love laptop as well as a basic compact camera. That’s it. Nothing’s fancier. AND oh my God it takes a really strong force and concrete reasoning each time I need to replace my old gadget. Like, finding for the best submission during mooting on why I should own a new one. Broken screen, dysfunctional keypad, unresponsive speaker… hmm not really ICU-chronic level, better buy a new handbag. Or shoes 😛

But recently my old Samsung got really, really chronic. Failure to make phone calls and it lands me to the mighty Europe before an important apps can be fully accessed, heart burning I know especially when moi is in dire emergency! As per usual I always make excuses not to buy a new one, although generous Mama was so keen to sponsor me a new mobile phone. Thought it was rude to turn down our mom’s request, no, so I gave my nod of approval…like finally.

No fancy attractions with my new toy, but it is definitely better than the former. Mama, if you are reading this, know that I am virtually expressing my virtual gratitude fer ya, thanks for upgrading your tech noob daughter to another level, lol! Guess I can fully get over with my previous to go down to LV vs to go up to Machine dilemma. Please, call me a wilted boomer to hop in the mainstream bandwagon quite late but better late than never yo!


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