Ain’t No Size Two

I watched this video on social experiment two days ago and coming quick to the decision that I just need to share! Pretty much a headshot, offensive too if one could relate, but it hits the reality hard like nothing else matters.

Analyzing the result of this experiment, I would say it’s nothing short of awful. Of course, we have nothing to worry about if online dating is not our cup of tea but twisting to the other side of the coin, the message obviously conveyed in this video is how people judge solely by physique attractions- especially the dudes!

Nowadays sexy is the new beauty, not brainy. Bitchy is the new lure, not classy. Seriously, what is happening to the society?

Of course, it it is irrelevant to deny human’s nature. We are naturally attracted to beautiful things we see, the first thing that captivates our eyes is a mannequin-like figure not the purity of ones’ soul. But even if so, how many times have you met people who are less attractive physically but later on you could see how amazing he/she is in terms of personality? IMO, it goes well with what oldies are contending; looks disappear eventually but personality is what will keep you happy in any serious relationship as time goes on.

Sadly, the mantra is a no go to most people in our society, who had earlier build up a mindset pertaining to “physical attractiveness” in the opposite sex is the topmost priority. It is shallow,yes, to get attracted on the basis of physical attraction per se, but it is shallower to the power of infinity cum PLAIN RUDE to neglect the personality part. Like, uhh no pretty bye bye me don’t know who you are… RUDENESS!

Emotionally disturbed, fooh fooh.

Haih, as much as I want this disease to vanish away from our society, I do hope you get my points. None of us can ever ask from God to be borne having Cara’s or Gisele’s look. Also, I am 100% sure that if Gisele or Cara herself can ask from God to be prettier than they are today, oh girlfriends, they will surely do because there’s no definite point to describe beauty. Beauty speaks for itself when we are comfortable in our own skin, rock what we have, appreciate every single inch of it. Only then we can learn to appreciate others’.

Ain’t no size two? Fret not! Many more are in your shoes!


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