No Time Wasted

These days I have so many things to blog about but I couldn’t find the time and now when I do have some time gaps, it’s all slipped my mind. Waiiilll.

Oh no girlfriends, I haven’t jetsetted anywhere overseas or crossing my legs gracefully. I’ve actually been catching up my two-weeks left-out studies, working on some academic stuffs between the midst of finding some girlfriends moment with them monkeys. For some reason, I know it sounds quite exaggerative on the girlfriends’ part but really, it feels awkwardly awkward…if such words exist, to have a missing lunch partner or ehem, ponteng kelas partner!

You know, me and Arisya were inseparable twinnie who went to the same tutorial classes, sit next to each other during lectures, where there’s Arisya there is Kia but recently it’s not the case. That Miss President of COP cum Vice President of Mock Trial cum someone extremely important in Student Exchange body is waving virtual goodbye to me, so mean…

At first, I was one of those cool people who was all aloof and meh-don’t-care, but yesterday I realized I wasn’t that cool actually.

Texted the girl last night : Ummm… Sushi King is having a bonanza. 3 ringgit je satu plate.

Long pause. Hmmm she ignored me. Two secs later, beeeeeeppp!


Come lunch hour, not only I stuffed myself with extremely unacceptable counts of unagi but also ignored the fact we have a three hour lectures to attend afterwards. Wandering around Thomas Sabo aiding Janise buying a new charm for her sister’s birthday, buying some sport attires for em people to climb Broga Hills tomorrow (I swear I wanna tag along but Madam-Health-Cautious Mama doesn’t allow her unfit daughter to do some outdoorsies now). In the end, I had an awesome evening catch up sesh with them goons, yeayyyy!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Classes? Hmmm time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time booooo!


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