My Me-Time Moment is Back!

My typical beginning for any new semester usually be like having endless catch up with crazy colleagues from day one, registering for tutorial slots, feeling fresh, discovering new eating places yada yada but this time nothing was close to such good o’ times. *I’m bidding goodbye to old time memories now guys, too hard* Contrarily, my new semester started a few days earlier than others, I registered myself to turn out into a brand new zombie, and already been struck with the “this class is necessary or not to attend” dilemma. While everyone else are still figuring way out to morph from the holiday mode into the ‘I’m Ready’ mode, i was forced to adapt a super hectic schedule and let go the fun I rightfully deserved 😥


Because I was on the run in the Debat Kemerdekaan Ala Parlimen 2014!

Lemme be honest with you guys. It was my first time ever participating in Debat Kemerdekaan, and I was not expecting anything since the training sesh was quite short, my holiday mode was something too hard to get over with, and… I really refused to debate. Since I am now holding the tenure of MORUM’s president, the task of registering debaters’ name is now within my jobscope, a privilege if I can admit. Anyhoots I swear guys, I begged Azzairi (eventually our coach whose decision can precede mine) not to include my name but he insisted, so what’s left for this poor rebel.

My teammates were Adie, Janise and Desh as our reserve. Albeit my initial refusal, I found my momentum in the middle of the competition and from that moment on, I knew I must fight this till the end, I knew I deserved the final stage! Like seriously baby, my holiday lifespan was sacrificed, my Chanel eyebags cannot be anymore obvious and my face is recently a pimple farm. Compensation is a must!


Alhamdulillah, He is The Best Giver Ever. Though I am not yet satisfied with this final achievement and Champ title is still up for crave, I knew this is a good kick start to accelerate UM’s orators in this new semester. Towards an endless winnings, and more importantly, towards an infinity knowledge we shall acquire my dear Oratorians. But as for now, I can’t think of anything else except to qadha’ my very much deprived sleep!


Link to Berita Harian’s write up


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