Successfully Registered

After three months of summer break the holiday is officialy coming to its end! Like it or not, new semester is on its way!

 Btw, I registered my courses earlier this morning. Taking seven subjects altogether this semester- Commercial Transaction is not listed since it was manually registered. And oh, the Academic Project is where I’m obliged to write a 10k words thesis. The 10k part doesn’t scare me tbh but the fact that it’s a 6-credit hours (combining this sem and next’s, is a 2-sem course) subject be pretty disturbing, must really concentrate. As you could tell, this schedule is pretty light and not really pressure-resorting as compared to my crayy sophomore year’s schedule. God bless me for surviving through!

Capture copy

 Urm, I hate saying this but as the holiday nearly comes to its end, I cannot help to be highly spirited for the new semester to start. Summer break is my forever first love, but the fact that I’m not having to use my brain to the max makes me feel like I’m a chronic blondie. Sometimes, coming to think, I love my law school not because I’m persistently dedicated to what I’m studying but the rush of assignments, endless presentations, chasing over perfection – those things that makes me feel…whole,if such feeling exists.

For now, new semester come to momma!


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