White House

Today I tried the most vintage coffee house in my hometown. Heard about it since I was a little toddler but never had a chance to give it a try. Sorry not sorry but my family don’t really explore Kota Bharu since my mom is the most dedicated Hygienic Inspector. She’ll make the owner admits whether or not they wash the dishes properly, whether or not they are serving halal foods yada yada. But this morning, since I am so determined to make the most of my holiday I decided to give White House a try.

There’s something really different with this coffee house. Those typical bunch of hipster lepak places which adapted vintage theme, those aren’t original –  sure they are brilliant in their own context but truth is those were all made up to appear…old school! On the contrary, White House is so surreal, it feels like you are stepping back into old times, stepping back into a place which likely be a grandpops’ fav dating spot once upon a time!

bc g

The foods? Well the crowd itself is self-explanatory, don’t think so I have to elaborate more on this. Yums to the max, though I only tried the basic ones like toast with kaya and cold butter (roti khawin), half-boiled eggs, cham coffee…eh so nice lah! Someone like me is not easily pleased when it comes to foods but seeing its original presentation, tasting its authentic scrumptiousness…ding ding ding suddenly White House’s marketing value drastically increased!

d e f

But, there’s one downside with this place. Camera is strictly not allowed! My friend told me that it is okay to take picture nowadays since the taukeh also understand how revolution morphs narcissism in human now, but maybe she forgot White House is all about authenticity. Is anyone named Sarah reading this now? 😛 So looking at all these pictures please la by know you people should be aware on how rebellious I am!



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