Loyal Syadiyah

My younger brother just got home this afternoon and that simply implies spoiled Syadiyah is taken into another level of being spoiled. Ugh. Took place already. She bullied my brother to buy her ice-cream in a nearby grocery shop, so the poor guy took her with his car, layan whatever the princess ordered him. To cut it short, she picked my brother’s car for a reason- that is the most entertaining one. Always stocked up with endless CDs, DVDs, whatever Ds you just name it.

I suspected Indonesiansong been aired while they were on their way, cause returning home Syadiyah approached me and Mama.

While humming “Betapa mudahya, hatimu mendua… Ku lapangkan dada walau aku terluka…”


“Adik, you know that song?”


“Yes! Kak Long, mendua tu apa?”

Explained to her that word means curang, you are cheating on your other half. Then she asked Mama:

“Mama, Mama mendua tak?”

With the intention to tease her, my mom gave her a lying nod. In return, Syadiyah gave us a really horrible look, looking quite terriefied!

“Mama, mana boleh mendua! Kalau Abah tahu nanti dia marah Mama! Adik malas kawan Mama!” *walked away*


LOL! Loyal lover detected! 😛


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