Huge Deal

I don’t really have a problem going back to my uni, though for most of the time as soon as I stepped off the plane my first word be like “homesick already 😥 …” . That annoys my mom. But honestly it’s not a big deal because I’ll soon be distracted with infinity workloads, endless ‘bonding’ sesh with girlfriends yada yada and the next thing I knew I am all set to board for the next homecoming yay!  Also as much as love waking up late in the morning and basically not lifting even a finger here at home, I really miss getting some headache at law school or rushing over assignments’ datelines, you know some stuffs we called student’s life.

But these few days, I’ve been sorting out my September to November agendas and discovered a non-stop schedule awaits me! What’s with these endless debate tournies? Why are they so eager to put all tournaments next to each other? Reminds me of a 9Gag strap on Hogward’s proffesors “let’s set the same dateline” something like that, just swap professors with people in the Ministries and memes to “let’s set a back-to-back-tournies and give massive pressure on the debaters”. Ffff. And ohhh what’s up with Raya Haji falling on Sunday?! *wail*

Actually can foresee very, very few (well, close to none actually) holiday this upcoming semester. Madness over me now. As contended I don’t really have a problem going back to my uni, but I do have a problem when I can’t return home and make UM my first home!

Is that really an idea? N-E-V-A-H!


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