Cultural Village and Rose Garden

The first ever cultural village I’ve visited was Kampung Budaya Sarawak roughly 6 years ago. I would honestly admit that I wasn’t at all a historical enthusiast kinda person, therefore the word appreciative had no existence in my life dictionary once upon a time. Anyhooots, the visit I paid 6 years ago truly changed my perception towards learning history, it is actually so fun when you shove out of the alphabet net and discover physically what history has to offer!

So in Japan I became very fond of learning their histories and cultures, more than I did in my own motherland, ish ish. One of many places I visited in Fuji was this cultural village located not far from the cabin hotel where I stayed.

cultural village Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

This was the house belonged to a rich once upon a time. Can you see the roof? Not really sure what the material was but riding the time machine, this kind of roof can only be seen on the elites’ houses. The shocking statue here, I’ve no idea what she’s doing but it might closely related to urm…having meals?

cultural village 3

Meet my new rude friend people, the girl who didn’t serve at least a cup of ocha to her guests.

Next if you went up a sloppy hill further than the area, it will bring you to a very picturesque rose garden. I was quite awestruck, considering flowers and me are…no go? But since it was late spring that time, the roses were still blooming and to a point, screaming for attention. I couldn’t resist turning my tourist mode on! Here, snap snap snap!

rose gardenrose garden 5 rose garden 2

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Then I saw this cute little guy over here! I tried to be kids-friendly but guess parents nowadays taught their kids well not to be attracted to strangers, no? *self-comforting* Knowing that persuading him to take a selfie with me will probably take forever, then I quickly flashed my camera and ding ding ding, caught ya!

rose garden 4

Awwwwww so cute!!!

Excuse me guys for sounding more like a pedophile but, I can’t resist his…… unique T-collar!!! OMG I judge designers in Malaysia for not producing something similar to this!


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