Half BKP Reunited

It is always good to hang around with people who you used to spend your 24/7 with. These are the people who I woke up to, well not really because technically their dorms were next to mine, but whatevs they waited for me while I fixed my tudung before school… lined up together in our own-innovated line during morning calls, slept together in evening preps, pretended we were sick for extra sleep in Bilik Sakit 😛 To cut it short, 5 out of 10 of us made a mini reunion when I was in KL few days ago, and guess which flock made the sombre evening in Troike Tower alive?


I’m glad and honored to have mind blowing genius BFFs who scattered all over world best universities, building bridges to their respective dreams. Of course can’t deny the jealousy part seeing them taking wefies together in front of Eiffel Tower and other Instagram-worthy sculptures, but as long as I kept on getting endless souvenirs then life is good baby! Anything to grab during Boxing Day? Or been reserving limited edition handbags that took ages to reach Malaysia? No problemo, that’s what overseas friends are for!

Amidst all these, I still prefer them to walk with me to the campus, everyday. If, and only if. Haih, sacrifices you make for a posh future, ameen!

 p/s Ea (who’s not really visible in the wefies) is up in the air now, returning to States. Have a safe flight you buds, please shyness away and Facetime me whenever you’re in designer’s outlet yah.


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