Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine

After getting down the fifth station of Mt Fuji, I visited the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, at the southwestern base of Mt Fuji along the route where travelers would use to approach the mountain. Considered as the starting point to go up the Mt Fuji, the shrine places the main deity who is worshipped here, believed to be a guardian deity from volcanic eruption, ocean voyages, safe births etc.




P1070243 P1070250 P1070257

The interior of the shrine. Walk further till you meet a tree planted by a samurai, years ago. Please tell me it’s not Kai from 47 Ronin. Anyways, most people believed the tree to be sacred hence explains the hanging wishes.



Being in Japan I think I’ve discovered the intermittent gene in me, the nature lover gene teehee. Been suspicious on its existence all these while but deep inside I knew my DNA might as well produce this kind of noble gene lol. And so it’s true, upon walking down the shrine gardens, Subhanallah I cannot set eyes my off what the nature has to offer! Here is the Wakutama pond aka the gushing jewel pond, formed by the melted snow of Mt Fuji!

20140531_111347 20140531_111433 P1070244

Thinking to dip your feet inside the water huh? Trust me I was thinking the same but ummm you might wanna consider a second thought cuz…


Yeah. 😛

Btw, one interesting fact I learned that day; it’s quite dangerous for a handsome guy to visit the shrine since the guardian deity will be attracted to you. And you might as well double her anger if you tickled her jealousy bud upon seeing you with another girl even if the one you are married to! Fuhh what an attitude!

To sum it up, if you appreciate history and keen to feed Instagram’s timeline, look no further than this shrine in Fujinomiya-shi, Shizouka prefecture!


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