Surviving UM Law School

Law school can be a wee bit stressful if you don’t know the tricks. But to be honest, there is no proper guidance for you to do well in this. If by any means you find one and completely follow the rule step by step, then you will end up being a very boring, lifeless law student. Trust me. The best journey is always the surprising one and needs you to bear with every single challenge! But, getting buckled up cause you no harm plus I completely understand the mountainous enthusiasm any freshies are bearing now. So, here goes.

Build the bond!

You won’t survive being along in UM Law Faculty. Everyone needs each other’s back so don’t ever think you can work on your own. Senior junior barrier is a big no no here, from Day 1 each of us belongs to each other! Trust me, this goes without saying!


Most first timers found joy participating in many extra-curriculars activities available in campus. This is the time when you will be eyed by most seniors who will try their best in recruiting members. Plus in UM Lawfac you may join soooo many interesting clubs; Mock Trials, Student Exchange, Moot Club, COP etc. Go ahead, splurge in while you can but always remember limitation is the key. Do not get overwhelmed with club activities till study becomes your number two, after all your impressive CGPA is the utmost attraction when you step out of uni not those extra-curriculars that make your resume a kick-ass!

Getting hooked up with the lecturers

For some (or most people) knocking the doors of lecturers’ is really a big deal. I used to be that kind of person too, tbh. But towards the end of my sophomore year I found joy in hooking up with ‘em people who will respond to most of your enquiries better than they did in lecture halls, improve your understanding better and if you are lucky enough they will spoil you with exam’s hints. I mean, they set up the questions, aren’t they? Consider this as a ‘politic’ practice, you will thank me later. But if you are hesitating on this, perhaps you can initiate with something small closely related, e-mail. If you have the guts, knock! Just knock! *Olaf’s voice*


Of course we all work differently in digesting understanding but as for me, making repetitive notes helps a lot! My notes will usually be in three batches; the first one is basically a photocopy of whatever written in the book, the second one to be whole lot shorter and the third one will be sole mind-maps, where I can recall cases. In UM Law Faculty, you will be indulged with buddies’ notes but as it goes with the Dean’s contention, nothing beats the satisfaction of writing your own legendary notes! VERY TRUE! So never depends on your buddy notes, they are helpful as guidance, really, but you are missing the physical reflection of your own understanding.

I hope this helps. Might as well consider writing umm… Part Two?


Would love to hear from you!

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