Black Purse

New semester means new handbags yeay! Haha no, kidding but I’m running out of a perfect black purse that’s decent enough for everyday classes and might as well suits Sunday outings. Umm minus the part where I enjoy switching my purses to everyday class, black is the safest versatile preference suited well for school and play, wallet friendly bla bla whatevs! I WANT A BLACK PURSE, it is a must-have fashion staple to anyone, not just me! Weak submision.

For years I’ve been an avid, loyal user of my black CNK purse that I personally purchased using my first debate winning cash so it’s quite sentimental. It’s only CNK I know, nothing like those ridiculously priced designer handbags but back then in 2011 that was the only purchase I can afford using my own money. Proud, proud.

So now I am eyeing on a few purses, nothing’s overpriced my mom warns as she’s generous enough to support me this time. No LV, Celine, Balenciaga, Chanel (God!!), Tory Burch. NO. Ranges like Michael Kors, Coach, Anya Hindmarch, or the multipurpose Le Pliage haha. Practicality precedes. Decision, decision!


Not this time, hopefully!


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