#SyaRasfan Ties The Knot

After months of detailed planning and serious preparation, one of my close cliques Syarifah recently got married to the man of her life. Let’s face the truth, friends’ wedding at this very age is nothing surprising (but of course exciting!), in fact I have many friends who had already tied the knot while I’m still confused where my next monthly-versary dinner date should be hmm.

Let’s take a ride on the time machine for a little while, imma bring you guys to the moment when Sya told me her initial plan to get married back then in our first semester, first year in law school. On one fine Friday afternoon while we were having brunch together in Rumah U, she uttered her wish to graduate with a husband by her side. I was like no waaayyyyyyyy, that means you are planning to get married time belajar la ni? Of course she sounded quite serious but the nuts me chose to be in dismay, convincing myself that she was trying to break a joke.

But she wasn’t -.-‘

Second semester, sophomore year, Sya revealed to the six of us that she’ll be getting married with Rasfan somewhere in August! *insert infinity scream* Of course we were happy for her, even happier when we were all appointed as her bridesmaids! First question be like “baju bridesmaids color apa gang?” 😛


With two akads, the two lovebirds are now legally husband and wife! Dear Syarifah Nur Nadhilah, my first friend in UM Law School, my love-hate partner in UM debate team, my beloved pau, have a blissful marriage life, we always have your back just in case Rasfan buli you lah, and… we the Propaus want babies asap!

 IMG-20140811-WA0026  PicsPlay_1407757964755


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