Real Olaf

You probably will never met a super-fanatic fan of Frozen like my youngest sister. She had literally watched the movie like for 10000 times, and always to a point where she will force me to sit down the couch with her till a non-fan like yours truly could even remember the whole script uttered by the characters! *Hye I’m Olaf, and I love warm hugs*

Speaking of Olaf, my sister loves him the most. Bet everyone does though, the snowman’s fun, witty, cute and makes the whole storyline alive! Being kiasu, the biggest die hard fan conducted her off-screen research by Youtubing any sort of videos which are Frozen-related. Guess where her research led her guys?

Real Olaf singing… in form of Josh Gad

After a few moments of silence, she finally said

“This is not Olaf” *shutting down the computer and dozed off*

 I’d never seen my sister that disappointed in her entire life! Well, truth hurts darling.


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