Eid Fitr 2014

If Raya is keeping you cray, you are doing it right!

I mean, family gatherings, raya foods, duit raya, open houses, girlfriends catching up sesh, fattening foods again… who keeps their butt polite during Raya anyway!? After five days now only I can find some me-time moment, reunite with my long-time abonded laptop, running fingers on these keyboards… before go out beraya again after this. Ha-ha!

Anyway, this Raya is nothing far from any previous Rayas I had. I am still celebrating the festive with my family, big and super loving extended family. Definitely in the best mode for I don’t have any work or study commitment which comes before me, and of course no ‘this year raya at my mom’s’ drama just yet. Oh, there will be no drama, raya is only at my mom’s, fullstop. 😛

*future dictator wifey detected*


I love everything about Raya, guys. Except when a supermassive extra XXL pimple grew up on my skin looking so magestic, fun level is kind dragged down a wee bit -.-

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir and Batin everyone!


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