Hipster Roti Jala!

 Tell me, are you guys craving for authentic Malay delicacies for iftar or maybe moreh this Ramadhan? How about roti jala with kari ayam? Sounds good, no?

But what if I tell you, you can be wayyy hipster with this roti jala traffic light paired with the best chicken curry in KL? Umph, wipe the saliva off the screen guys, I’ll tell you how to get one. Head up to Bazar Ramadhan Bukit Bintang, find for Ajebois & Co booth near Mc Donalds, hand them three ringgit and wallahhh the perf combo is yours, brothers and sisters!


Not really in KL? Well, good news is, the committed fellas making this fast-selling roti jala are also accepting pre-orders from people staying in Lembah Klang, PJ, Putrajaya.. Just give Azzairi or Adeline a call and they will come to you, just like the abang McD or PHD! 

You don’t wanna miss its assured scrumptious-ness aren’t you? Or perhaps its Instragammable feature. Up to you. I won’t judge.



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