Dolly Reunited

Dolly sounds pretty cheesy no? I know. We all know. But we lavvit, that matters.

Why Dolly? So after like 9 years of existence, here’s the reason why. We were a group of dancers (really, really sucks dancers) and the last thing we knew we admitted ourselves in an aerobic dance competition. In order to register, a group name is needed so after a huge creativity-pouring session, Dolly Bellica came into consensus. Ewwww i know ewww… Forgive the obvious immaturity la, back then we were doll-skinnies hence the name.

Thanks God the maturity cupid’s arrow bow hit us and we realized the word Bellica will be irrelevant in years to come. It is. Tacky la nak name group whatsapp panjang panjang 😛  The old Dolly B., used to wander around the school compound during recess time, stayed back for extra-curricular activities we were never committed to esp the rumah sukan, having each others’ back for Kemahiran Hidup’s wooden blocks wtvs we called it, study groups, dancing…


What’s up with the Dolly now? Fret not guys, we are still cohesive to each other, still gripping to our annual iftar tradition, with slightly all the boring adult things came before us. Internship in law firms, engineering company, ward-visiting  etc etc. What will be coming up next? Dais, wedding dress, catering, photographer, bridesmaids?

Please don’t get married too soon guys 😥


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