Hard Luck!

G’day mates!

Remember when I complained continuous mockery I received from many due to the little knowledge I had pertaining to football (read World Cup)? I am an innate realist guys, I took my promise seriously, you may now call me a World Cup-bucket since I loaded (and still loading) myself with those interesting football facts. It doesn’t have to be watching every single game per se right, Twitter feeds are also inclusive… Right?

Oh by the way speaking of World Cup, did you guys watch the humiliating game this morning? I DID! Not trying to ignite any hatred here, in fact I am sympathizing over Brazilians having their dreams being shattered at home by Germany! Maynnn, 7-1.. that was a hard whack! After their hearts being throbbed away with Neymar’s serious injury, and the captain’s restraint being on field, Mr. Coach better be prepared with plentiful of excellent counter-arguments to rebut public’s contention that the team is a one-man-stand.

But commenting on such unprecedented scoreline in a World Cup semi-final is really not my forte guys. Enough with that hard try on not-so-impressive bragging 😛 now coming to the essence of this writing. The loss suffered by Brazil is quite relatable to our daily basis, mine especially. For a few occurrence, I think I felt you Brazil *wiping tears*

Debate, for example. I had experienced lost in two major intervarsity debate competitions hosted in my own varsity, l had experienced not making up even to the quarter finals, I had experienced being so stupid, talking nonsense in a very crucial match, I had experienced performing so well in eight previous matches before flopping my guts on the final stage… all those experiences.

The boring part- academic. I had experienced riding roller coaster feeling when my GPA nearly fall below 3 (maintaining it is another story I refused to share, thank you…), I had experienced having very little carry marks that I’ve no idea on how can I survive the finals, I had this experience of scoring very bad grade. Hmm, sounds quite fresh and familiar *tears*

Lust and desires. Though I believe in “what Kia wants Kia always gets” but until today I still have no opportunity to don my very own self-earned Celine, or LV, or Balenciaga, or…forget it, twas a long queuing up list.

Why is that so? Because those were hard lucks. Hard luck is quite tacky, some may contended the loss resulted from our own inadequate efforts, stupidity to prioritize or even our inability to perform. But as a Muslim, I believe in the concept of rezeki referring to our gain or loss being determined by The Almighty and probably where hard luck partially resided. To extend it further, Muslims are obliged to accept the hard luck, taking it as a test which Allah specifically gifted for us in measuring our perseverance, so no complaint!  It’s the seven levels of Jannah that matters. But, it is a hard luck only when we have poured overall efforts and put the trust in Him (tawakkal), not when we lay back doing nothing and hoping luck to fall before our eyes.

So, it is okay to do mistakes once in a while, afterall nobody’s perfect. Not even the 5-times World Cup’s champ *cough*. Do not be afraid of making a mistake la, just be afraid of not learning from it. The next time you experience a hard luck, remind yourself “it’s okay even the giant of football trips down*

Lastly, dear fans of Brazil, fret not and sappiness away. Oranje will take revenge on your behalf in the final match, mkays? 😛


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