Mount Fuji

Of all things I did in Japan, the one I am truly blessed for having such opportunity was paying Mount Fuji a visit. Tokyo was ah-maazing but Fuji is thousand times more mesmerizing. No, I did not hike but I went up there with a bus, strolling Mount Fuji up to its fifth station which is roughly 2,800 feet above sea level.

The typical view of Mount Fuji seen on postcards or resulted from Google search engine would be the image of Fuji coupled with blossoming sakura, no? Well, at least that was the way I pictured Fuji to be! But na-ah fellas, no sakura for yours truly since I geniusly flied to Japan when spring is over so the shy flower had shrunk, leaving only its buds visible for us the visitors. But I shall complain not since the frustration was substituted with snow covering certain areas in the fifth station! Snow, real snow! At least some spectacular view of the mother nature I found quite Instagrammable… 😛





I fell in love with Fuji instantly. I’m kinda missing sipping hot chocolate up in there, eyeing on hikers with a special telescope, functioned only when we inserted 100yen in it, rambled over the pricey souvenirs, and taking jumping shots to heat a wee bit (okay la okay to Instagram pfft). Haih, shall fatten up my piggy bank quickly so that I can return to Fuji one fine day in spring, ameen!


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