Bubur Lambuk for the Soul

Today is the fifth day of Ramadhan, and Alhamdulillah everything goes out pretty smoothly so far. No complaints of hunger, since I previously ganti my puasa quite late, a week before this Ramadhan (isk isk) so I was quite adhered with the fasting mood. Teehee.

Anyway, though Ramadhan is a very much anticipated and everyone are so keen to celebrate the holy month, there exists a thin line between religious as well as cultural demand. Ramadhan according to Islam should train us to be moderate and wasatiyyah, experiencing how the unfortunate feels on their daily basis, aside from upgrading our faith to a higher level. On the other hand, our culture is pretty much opposite to that. Correct me if I’m wrong guys, but what can I witness so far, people are getting too much with certain things in Ramadhan.

Table-full of berbuka foods.

Variety kinds of Malay traditional delicacies.

Suddenly donning the hijab.

Post-terawih selfie.

It’s quite tacky to debate on this, since they will counter-back contending it is okay to share what you had for berbuka and sahur, sharing which masjid you attended for terawih, which juzuk of the Quran you managed to finished today, for these ignited the spirit of Ramadhan that only came once in a year plus it is way, way better than sharing negative vibes on social media platforms.

As for me, I am not saying this is wrong either, go ahead if you feel like doing it, but too much of anything quite sucks, no? It is still acceptable to see these once in a while but when ones’ Instagram timeline is flooded with another person’s post-terawih selfies on a nightly basis, patience is no longer anyone’s virtue. Forlornly, this will further raise reek hearsays, even defamation- “ish this person go terawih nak show off or what?” After all, such ibadah is meant to be between us and The Almighty, not between us and the society.

The food is another story. Few days ago my father delivered to us a family-time sermon, more to repeat what an Ustaz preached previously, on how Malays treat berbuka time like paying revenge time. Should it be that way, contradiction to what Islam taught is quite clear here because we should feel what the unfortunates feel during Ramadhan. But, takkan lah for the sake of experiencing the life of the unfortunates we need to makan only nasi kosong with budu only? Yes, I raised that question too fellas.

Then, my father answer was quite similar to what I preached earlier. Modesty. Islam is not a burdening, hard-going religion- No such thing forbidding you to feast on good foods but it must not be excessive.

Well, interpreting that conceptually I guess the concept applies to photo sharing too, no?


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