Minshuku in Heda

When in Heda -a place I spent the night before heading to Fuji, I stayed in a minshuku catering the exact same feature with the Nobisuke’s house. Guess this place is rather unfamiliar to you guys for Heda is one of the districts located in Shizouka prefecture (roughly two hours’ drive from Tokyo) and I guess not really well-promoted worldwide. Somehow, such a nice place it was, wonder why such place never came across neither my knowledge nor interest before.

For those who wonder, minshuku in Japanese is a family inn. It is a budget version of ryokan, a Japanese inn, which is roughly quite similar to boarding houses scattering in UK. But the overall experience is quite the same, it includes dining, rooms and even onsen (public bath).

I got really excited once in the minshuku! My room was directly facing the sea, can you imagine!





Sent this picture to Syadiyah and she asked if Doraemon was in there -.-

The owner of the minshuku was too kind and polite, ten more kudos points for the Japanese! She served a table full of fresh seafood for dinner that I was so confident and determined that I can vacuum all in a blink of eye. But guess which seafood lover was a loser for waving early white flag? 😥 Blame me not for having sucha huge appetite but a vice versa storage capacity. Tsk.





I don't eat the pork, fret not ;P

I don’t eat the pork, fret not ;P


For any adventurous soul out there, go and experience yourself the real Japanese lifestyle by giving minshuku a try. After all, minshuku stole a large portion of my heart, robustly desiring to go there once again. In Shaa Allah.


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