Ramadhan 2014

For me, one of the most indescribable feelings ever is to spend the whole Ramadhan with my family here in Kota Bharu. Nothing beats mama’s cooking, sahoor and iftar together with the best people in our life, marching to tarawih at the surau nearby or even at our Tok’s with the big family during weekends, and oh go cray like a kid when playing fireworks… 😛

Not to mention Kelantanese took Ramadhan extra seriously, guys. Like, very very very seriously. The day my parents fetched me back from KL, we experienced a heavy ‘parade’ starting from Karak due to many Kelantanese were coming back home to celebrate first day of Ramadhan with beloved families. Once in Kelantan, jam pulak sebab korang ramai sangat! Tsk tsk. So if by any chances you do have the opportunity to pay Kelantan a visit, grab it, come here during the holy month of Ramadhan and I can assure you nothing makes you feel like wanting to return home!

Salam Ramadhan Kareem!


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