Packing Up!

This thought is making me sick! Beloved parents are flying to KL tomorrow fetching me back to our hometown riding my tiny little car. I kid you not, I have four luggage of garments, five large bags which I squeezed all my handbags (truly heartbroken to see my pretty babies being treated such way 😥 ), two XL-sized bags full of shoes, two fully-occupied round tudung hangers, laptop bags, not to mention my extra big teddies, misc plus stuffs I probably missed out… Planned to leave behind my printer, books and decorative items since bringing them back to KB is an impossible idea, but boyfriend is not yet in KL! Mana nak letak semua ni!!

By hook and by crook, I’m obliged to make the best arrangement in my tiny car so that reserving a seat for moi is possible. I hate packing, why must I do this…

Stressed lar. I need bibik.


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