Oratorians Dinner Treat

One of my debate juniors, Desh just crowned himself with the Champ title for Pidato 1 Malaysia National Level last week in Miri. For smashing down other 18 contestants who came from various ages, backgrounds, and even titles, I regard it as nothing except a true brag and salute-worthy! Hence, feeling a wee bit generous (or perhaps because his wallet is quite thick right now), he offered to treat us the whole Oratorians fam! Everything is meant to be shared in Orator anyway, in whatever form it is. Rule number one for an unbreakable bonding πŸ˜›

Sadly, out of all members only six turned up. Perhaps due to the reason everyone is back to their respective hometowns and the alumnis are too busy to bother. So, from a formal kind of dinner we initially planned it further morphs into a casual night out between us six. I desirably opted for Absolute Thai but Adie objected so we chose Chili’s instead. Nevermind, one of my favorite place to dine in also what..




Know what Desh, the one who deserves all these is none other than Abang Azzairi. He had been coaching you sampai gaduh dengan I tahu, what a sacrifice haha. Now go treat him πŸ˜›

p/s Lessons to be shared: i) Always be generous to other people, the more you give the more you get. ii) Be humble for everyone will love you unconditionally. iii) Hardwork will always paid off! Desh is known for his kiasuness, this time the kiasu benefits!


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