Asakusa Temple

One respectful thing about Japanese is, they are still gripping rigidly to cultures despite of rapid modernization occurring in the country. Nothing too far astray from what us Malaysians are often preached about- preserving the beautiful cultures coloring Malaysian norms! Back to Japan, one of the cultural places I’ve visited was Asakusa Kannon Temple, located in Asakusa, Tokyo. Such an irony since I’m not even interested to visit cultural places in my own hometown but desirably opted for such places when not in Malaysia -.- Might be because of the Instagrammable factor..key factor..




Leading from the outer gate of the temple is a 200 meters shopping street called Nakamise, hence you know which way my legs quickly swung to. I mean, not that automatically la but…about 5 minutes after ‘capturing moments’ in front of the beautiful temples lol. There’s no use to lie to you guys also, Allah knows what I did back then. I lost my interest due to the heavy pungent smell of praying sticks they used and plus, when I approached to the front-est line placing a golden statue(?) in the main hall to take a picture, I noticed the people in line were looking awkwardly at me…what? You people are unfamiliar of hijab? Aka-awkward.

Thought I was a one-minute superstar, but it happened that those people were actually praying, making wishes and this ‘hijabista’ rudely kacau them! Oh God, can’t even think of that…



Hence, Nakamise seems the best option for this noobie. While I noticed many tourist were so fond of buying souvenirs like key-rings, yakuta, traditional snacks, kimono etc., I caught a glimpse of a shop selling ice-cream! Oh thanks God finally something edible!



Well, I don’t mind visiting such place as long as they serve ice-creams! Teehee 😛

Photo credit : Zeo


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