The Shibuya Experience

They said when in Japan, you have to visit Shibuya. A trip to Japan is neither close to perfection nor complete if you don’t pay Shibuya a visit. Hence, through a well keen determination I had, yours truly conquered Shibuya! Might as well placed my mark there 😛 Anyways, what’s so special about Shibuya? Basically, it is the main shopping and entertainment district in Japan, livelier during nighttime, nothing lesser during daytime. Shopaholics will surely love this place, somewhere not all boyfriends have the gut to visit with any woman in their lives lol.

To cut it short, I was so determined to make most of my Japan trip, so I headed to Shibuya once returned back from Fuji. Once disembarking from the Shibuya train station, the first thing I saw was the crossing right in front of Starbucks! People were waiting for the traffic light to turn red, then crossed the road jemaah-ly! What a view! Oh anyway Shibuya is quite comparable to New York’s Times Square where the large screens and neon lights are placed everywhere. Not to mention the fact that it appears in soo many films too- the most familiar one for me is of course Fast and Furious.

Before crossing the street
There you go! Crossss!

Not to waste anymore time, I joined the crowd. Sounds crazy innit but really, you just have to cross every corners, it was so much fun and not a even a corner will disappoint you. One corner brought me to Forever 21, another one brought me to Lush, another one brought me to Bershka, H&M…



After so much shopping, me and Adhwa decided to rest our legs, yet torn in between chilling in Starbucks or L’Occotaine Cafe since they were both opposite to each other. Thinking that I haven’t grab myself a Japan Starbucks tumbler yet, the latter remains an option. People were cramping in that place, but luckily both us managed to get a sit on the upper floor, witnessing the picturesque crossing, again. Ordered myself a mango tea and there you go, crowd-watching once again! Therapeutic I must say.

Dhuwa whatsapp-ed me this picture, suddenly face looks so clear innit? Guess she turned on the beauty mode..


I miss you Dhuwa 🙂

Probably my favorite place in Tokyo!


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