Sya’s Bridal Shower

Syarifah, one of my close friends is getting married pretty soon! At this current age, I received quite a lot of news where friends are getting married but none of them were actually my close friends. The one who you know, I always lepak together, study together, cry together, laugh together. Until this year, Sya made the decision to tie the knot with her sweetheart, InsyaAllah in a very near time and the rest six of us were honored to be her bridesmaids!

What color should we wear on her nikah? On reception? Should we wear flower crown!!? Told cha, the bridesmaids lagi excited than the bride-to-be 😛

So yesterday, through fatigue tiresome and extreme busy-ness we successfully organized her bridal shower! OMG the first bridal shower I’ve ever attended! It was a simple party though, since everyone also sengkek at this very end of the semester plus the fact that we were so occupied with the final exam itself! Hence yesterday was the only day we had to make everything happen!









Nothing beats the precious moment spent with our closest clans, no? But nothing, nothing else beats the games we played last night! Truly 18sx 25sx dirty and Sya, being quite princessy were blushing in red, but of course kinky bestfriends gotta do whatever necessary to make her survived. Hello,we spent bucks for those ridiculous stuffs, let people judge us while paying and you’re not sporting enough to play? NO WAY! Bhahaha! Not gonna spill the beans though, Ustazah Mama reads my blog..she’ll pengsan if she figured what games we played 😛

Hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did Sya! As much as we don’t wanna lose you as a single lady yet, we hope you are happy with this choice you made and may Allah bless errrthing from A to Z.

Who’s next?

p/s Camera ran out of battery last night so iphone’s front camera only!


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