Three in a Row

I had 3 papers in a row, how crazy is that? Right after I’m done with first paper Constitutional Law I knew there’s nothing like stretching a muscle for me. Only three days to do whatever possible to score high well for Criminal Law, Admin Law, and Environmental Law *gulp*.

Hmm, I don’t favor to be put under stress you know. Though I feel I work better when put in such stress, but honestly I like to calm myself down and feel all zen inside. But I’ll be the first to admit that stress got into me this time. Girlfriends were like doubting my external calmness but trust me, deep inside here there were back-to-back whizzing tornados. It was just too much to study within a few days and I gotta be extra productive to ensure study time for those three are well-divided.

But after all, I swam through the sea of impossibilities! Though one might get confused thinking I am a real-life zombie or a destructed human being, yeah whatever.

Killing three papers in a row? Hard but completely do-able!

p/s One more paper, Land Law in two days!!

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