Syadiyah Met The Astronaut

Today was a holiday-replacement-schooling day for most schools in Malaysia. My sisters’ school went a tad cooler than the others, no academic sesh but they replaced it with a motivation session with Malaysia’s first astronaut Dato’ Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (gasp gasp!!) Apparently I have two sisters who attend the same school; Indah and Syadiyah. I was told about this QnA session they had.
When Dr SMS asked who have any inquiries, little Syadiyah having excessive traits of confidence threw her hands up in the air, first above and over the rest: “SAYAAA!” 

Dato’ SMS was indeed impressive with that brat and welcomed her on stage. Confidently,she went up to the stage and grabbed the mic -.-

“Adik nama siapa?”

“Kiasyadiyah binti Othman”

“Kiasyadiyah Darjah berapa?”

“Darjah Satu”

“Ooo very good. Nanti Kiasyadiyah besar mahu jadi apa?”


“Ooo Kiasyadiyah nak jadi doctor apa?”

“Doctor manusia lah” (I was ROTFL-ing when Indah told me this!)

“Hehe doctor banyak jenis adik. Adik nak doctor bidang apa?”

“Oh. Pakar bedah”

“Good good. So Kiasyadiyah nak tanya apa?”

Out of all questions she can ask…

“Hmm. Berapa lama ye dari Bumi nak sampai ke angkasa?”

Bhahahaha! Pure, genuine, sincere question it was! Couldn’t hold back my laugh! It was like the outer space is pretty reachable, and everyone can go there back and forth. Like once returning home, she’ll force our dad to drive us to there.

Haih Kiasyadiyah. While I might be laughing my ass writing this, I cannot hide away my bulk of proud towards you. Back then when Dato’ SMS visited my school in 2009, 17-years old Kiasatina don’t even have the desire gut to ask him such question, nor did I raise my hands up!

Guess what the reward was, guys? SITTING ON DR SMS’s LAAAAAAPPPPP!!!

look at her-“bitch please i won this guy, cant you see he’s staring at me”-face

Hmm if I were you, I will take time to adjust my fringe la adik but whatevss THAT SHOULD BE ME!

Shoot lah, I wished I asked such question 5 years ago, impressed him, let he sit me on his lap and let the media spread our scandalous story! *dream high*


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