Me No Like FIFA

It’s the unpleasant time again, guys girls. FIFA World Cup paid us another visit after four years of hiccup. If you are of my species, this is definitely not worth the hype. But it is something people around me extremely looked up to for they can mock on my so-called knowledge. Worst. Time. Ever.

Mockery Scene Number 1:

Being a private tutor of mine for this exam week, Azzairi and I will start our revision session starting from 8.00 pm to 12.00 am daily. One night we were revising for my first paper at Old Town when I asked him what will the first match be?

“Brazil v Croatia”

“Is it important to you?”

“Yes. I’m rooting for Brazil” *hummm baru nak minta ajar about Preventive Detention but I have to respect his interest too and obliged to give him space to do what he wants*

“Okay. What time?”

“11.00pm, crucial kena tengok” *breath in, breath out… HE NEEDS HIS SPACE, OK*

The next day when I was flipping through The Star I came across the front page which stated the match will be aired at 4.00 in the morning. Nice attempt to escape bro. Thanks God I am a newspaper person. No space for you.

Mockery Scene Number 2:

Dined in at KFC PJ with Arisya when they aired a match on Friday Sport featuring a team in orange and another team in green/blue/cannot really recall. Trying to act like a smart ass, I told Arisya confidently:

“Ah must be FIFA match. That team I’m not sure but the one in orange is definitely Netherlands, kan?”

Only to receive this reply:

“Kia, it’s not a football match. Ni match rugby Kia”


Mockery Scene Number 3:

Revising my Criminal Law with Arisya last night in MCD Bangsar, accompanied by unpleasant cheers from random guys watching FIFA there. After a few cheers there were some moment of silence and then I saw a Chinese guy sitting right in front of me got up to buy another bowl of porridge. Not long after that, all of the scattering guys started to settle down once again at their respective seats.
Then I told Arisya:

“Oh dah nak air second match eh? What teams ha?”

Arisya slapped her forehead before returning my Q:

“Kia, ni second half. Tadi rehat kejap, not second match!”


Three times of mockery scenes and the FIFA thing had only took place for like…. less than a week? Such a big insult to my IQ! I promised I will make a comeback and let you guys grin in amusement when I present my knowledge on football!

Now excuse me fellas I have a very serious FIFA schedule revision to do *rolling up sleeves*


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