That Questionnaire Four Years Ago…

I had a sudden remembrance towards my bestfriend Citan this morning (not gonna admit that I’m missing her like crazy, no, no).Woke up to her kind Whatsapp “good luck for your paper today gorgeous!”
*who takes exam on Saturday you nuts. My paper was yesterday…*
Bhahaha I still love you though! Then proceeded to my usual morning routine, scrolled down through Facebook’s timeline only to spot her status appeared first thing first there -.- She was rambling about her carelessness wearing baju terbalik to café and got all the spotlight attention on her. 79 likes for her randomness. Okay -.- Well, that’s my Citan. One word to describe her is that she’s such a random person! I had sooo many random moments with her that but the one that left me WTF all the time happened in 2010, four years ago, back then when we were 18…
It happened during one fine lunch hour when both of us were hanging out in Pizza Hut for the last time before enrolling to our respective institutions; me was PASUM, hers was Asasi UITM. In between munching our lasagnas, out of the blue she handed me a piece of paper.

‘Here, answer this’

Thought it might be a borang that she don’t know how to fill in… took a closer look then I discovered it was a questionnaire entitled… ‘HOW GOOD DO YOU KNOW ME’.

‘I kena jawab ni?’

‘Yes.’ *serious look*

Oooookay since she was glaring at me seriously… here we go.

Question 1: What will I be in 10 years time?

Duh.. you’ll be attending a law school! Do you expect me having any other answers than ‘a lawyer’?

Question 2: What is my favorite cat’s name?

You have like seven keturunan of cats and you ask me to name which one is your favorite? WTF.

Question 3: How do I picture my dream wedding? Goldish-vintage? Classy? Traditional?

WTFFFFFFF!!! *Unbelievable troll face!*

I don’t even know how I survived all those nutty questions. But most importantly, I don’t know how she got the idea to present me such questionnaire… Was she doubting me as her bestfriend?! Citan, if you are reading this, note that I really wanna ask you this question four years ago but I just got really clueless. Now, may I suggest you to explain me why?


Would love to hear from you!

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