The Trio Got Reunited

As soon as my phone was connected to free wifi in departure hall of Narita Airport, my phone was constantly attacked by endless Whatsapp messages from various sources. Girlfriends here asked what time to watch Maleficent, girlfriends there asked where to conduct a dinner date, girlfriends out of nowhere *teehee* asked what I have for souvenirs… yada yada so many text messages that my poor phone almost hung on that instant!

One of the groups consist of me, Qee and Mira, the closest best bud *tagged bff forever…eyewww..yucks we hate that BFF stuff* I have in UM. We were friends since PASUM days but interests scratched us to different faculties in degree years. Qee is enjoying medic school, Mira found nothing more interesting than dealing with tiny creatures beneath the microscope..stuffs she learns in Biohealth Science school, and me? Pretending I have no exams this upcoming Friday. Consti law? What’s that?

Well, just in case your logic generator is excellently functioning, you can easily guess who asked me where to conduct our dinner date. Them two, yes. Not even a chance to say “I can’t, I need to study” because these evil fairies abducted me as soon as I reached Malaysia.

Come what may, I’m a happier person when it comes to reuniting with Qee and Mira, not to mention the “true-color-revealed” part. And, just in case you are wondering, this picture was taken in Homst Cafe, so family-ish lepak place but come on, who cares…


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