Because We Are Different

Everyone has their own ways when it comes to studying. Be it you or me, it is impossible for us to find all points diverging in a way and meet at the point of absolute similarity. No, senor and senora. That is why it is not right to condemn others for studying too late or too early, because our ways of acceptance are all different.

My faculty (an obvious example) is a habitat to a very weird population of human beings. Really, you can meet various kind of people here you know. One population that devotes their souls to the library, disembarks from that igloo only when Mr Librarian shouted “library will be closed in a few minutes!” Next, the population who plays really hard but still ace the exams with flying colors. Then the population who you will only met during study week, searching high and low for other people’s notes…

As for me I take studies very seriously. My number one priority I shall say, eventhough you may rarely find me strolling in the faculty, nor my Instagram photos are not occupied with those late-night-studies-plus-a-mug-of-hot-drink-as-an-accessory kind of photo, it does not mean I put my studies behind. Thankfully I am still aware of my parents’ mountainous hopes sending me up to this tertiary education level, and yeah my conscious that I don’t wanna spend my precious four years in law school out of nothing! Seriously, baik aku kahwin kan! So Mama if you’re reading this, don’t believe if any of my friends come to you and says auntie, Kia tak study because really, when it comes to study I am a… BTS person? 😛


I really am not an all-nighter. I don’t believe in staying up too late to cover up the syllabus.

I found that study group does not help me that much. I prefer studying on my own. I can stand living in a deserted cave during study week if that is necessary!

I make repeated notes and mind maps, eventhough others claim it’s quite stupid to do similar conduct repeatedly. That is why I studied earlier, for I refused to bear the somber later.


I am willing to annoy anyone on Earth just to get a clearer understanding pertaining to a topic! The victim is usually Azzairi… (SEE the necessity to date your senior! Preferably a graduated senior lol)

So, did you get it? We are all different, that’s why mutual respect is a big handy. Back to reality! *swoosh*

Would love to hear from you!

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