Lawnite 2014

On 16th April I attended the 2014 Lawnite which was held in Eastin Hotel PJ. A complete revamp from last year’s Lawnite, 2014 carries a softer theme known as Spero (Latin word for hope). Lawnite this year was droller because my girlfriends, who in our freshmen year refused to attend the event changed their mind this 
time. So yeah, shoo everyone ‘the unnamed gang’ is making their ways in the hallway tehhee.

Anyhoots, for the lads (very much if you are like me), the dress is the important highlight of the night, kan! No one wears ‘simple simple only’ during Lawnite since it is a tradition we are all gripped to, must doll up for Lawnite! I wish to hop in the bandwagon too but sadly due to a very limited time I had, I entrusted the task to my Mama je. I mean, of course I was the one who searched up and low for the fabric here in Jakel KL (wasn’t bullying my Mama) but once I handed it in her hand, she did all the task of consulting the dress tailor and the beading tailor. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed with the dress at all and went ‘awwwwwww Mama, thank you thank you!” all week long! Awesome mom, I’m very lucky :’)

Well, not to drag long about details you don’t even wanna know, let me just proceed with some of the pictures I manage to capture on that night. I made it into collages, I dislike long extended post thats why.

And yeah. My clingy boyfriend decided to tag along this time, he’s mengada like that i know! 

Not too many pictures, most of them were already posted up on my IG -.-

Wearing a tailor-made dress (not from any well-known designer pun), champagne shawl from Dirs Gallery, Jeweled clutch from Neiman Marcus (cousin’s), heels from Charlotte Olympia

Azzairi was wearing a suit from Ben Sherman, white shirt from Zara Men, tie and that thing in his pocket from My Tie, shoes from Salvatore Ferragamo. *as a clingy girlfriend I know every single garment he wears, and of course guys I was forced to write about this T.T*

3 thoughts on “Lawnite 2014

  1. If u don't mind to share, ur tailor & beading tailor dekat kelantan tu kat mana? :)thank you in advance!

  2. hello! my apology for the late reply!
    my dress was done by miss Zahirah from a Chinese tailoring boutique in Kubang Kerian (if i'm not mistaken!) and the beading was from Sebaya Trading. For the beading i'm afraid they did not receive individual request because they mainly focus on wedding dresses. My mom made a reservation through my aunt who runs bridal business and sent her baju pengantin there so my dress tumpang tempah together 🙂 But you can give a try!

  3. Thank you for answering 🙂 want to ask for your opinion if you tahu which tailor yg ambik tempahan sulam & cantik. I went to few sulam tailors but did not satisfied with the results 😦

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