Getting Closer to the Mother Nature

Can you imagine what happens when a city jargon make an attempt to get closer to the Mother Nature? Yes, absolute jakunness and nope, not contending that I am a city gal or what but visiting any jungle has never been on my top-to-do list. Thankfully our lecturer for Environmental Law brought us to a site visit in Rimba Ilmu located in Universiti Malaya itself, somewhere I never aware of its existence before!

Anyway just to share what I’ve learned during the 2-hours visit:

  • How switching off electricity supplies (Earth Hour) helps in reducing global warming? The answer is when we use electrical appliances, electricity is generated (duh). The generation is made by coal that produces carbon, and this carbon is known as a major contributor to the increasing temperature of our beloved atmosphere.
  • There’s this one ‘wooden-like’ insect species with a very weird and cruel mating habit. When both male and female are done doing their ‘business’, the male will run for his life as fast as possible because if he didn’t the female will kill him! This is done biologically because the female wanted to control the species’ population and to ensure the male won’t cheat on her! Smartypants bitch.
  • The first plant existed on Earth is the moss (lumut). Then the plant evolves to fern-type plants, then something of the palm tree species and lastly plants with fruits and flowers.
  • The biggest orchid plant in Malaysia is reared in UM, and it is from a very rare species; tiger orchid. You are considered extremely lucky if you can witness the flower, for it doesn’t produce one since seven years ago. And oh, it is reared in a huge broken part of dredger.
  • To protect our precious meditational herbs, the Government implemented a specific legislation (cannot recall the Act’s name watevs). This is done to prevent exploitation and extinction of potentially illness-curbing herbs.
  • When we are standing in a cubic area of our own feet inside a rain forest, we are able to observe at least ten different species of floras! This is relatively different from jungles in four-seasoned countries that own only the same species of floras.
  • Ever heard of the name Darwin? Ladies and gents, Darwin wasn’t the one who came up with the evolution theory but the theory belongs to his friend. The fella went somewhere else and Darwin took advantage on that. Mmm, I’m not sure if this is true but that’s what Mr Instructor told us…

I know for some of you there’s nothing really amusing about these facts especially the basic scientific ones. But hello, I read law not science sistah so these facts made me go owhh ahhh all way long. Anyway there are lots more of course but I wasn’t paying that much attention to the purifica purifica what-lah kinda names explained by Mr Instructor. Thanks God I am not learning Botany Science! As far as I can recall Biology wasn’t that hard…

Moral of the story is, appreciating our mother nature is a must. Remember those days when we were required to write an essay on the importance of taking care of the environment so one of our must-write points is ‘bagi kepentingan generasi akan datang’. I honestly wrote those without giving a damn on what I really meant but now I can actually relate the importance. We are already suffering from hazes, water crisis, global warming because of our own greediness. So just imagine how our continuous greediness will lead to another level of suffering to our future kids whilst they too are entitled for right to life under Article 5 Fed Consti, ok?

So, twas a fruitful Friday morning I had. And fruitful feast for the mosquitos too… urgh.

pity my baby Ame she got bitten the most -.-


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