Review : Top 5 Eating Places in KL – March 2014

This is a very long-extended, delayed post. As you could tell, the busy bug has bitten me that I can only afford to steal some time and write on boring, somber posts. Thankfully I managed to settle down a few werks so here is the Top 5 KL Must Eat March Edition.

Kulcats Barrio

As far as I concerned, the café has been a big rave to many hipsters out there. I saw lots of people posted up Kulcats on their Instagram so I was a bit itchy to try. They have quite an extended list of foods and beverages and I swear I studied the menu as if I’m sitting for Land Law test in an hour! Tried their chocolate pavlova, bonnafie pie, caramel macchiato and hazelnut macchiato. All these were sooo good and wallet friendly, don’t worry! Now I know where to head for when I need my pavlova fix, without burning some cash in Alexis 😉

Mi Tarik Warisan Asli

Noodles? Hands down! I am not really a fan of noodles but when it comes to mi tarik, I just can’t afford to say no! There is one famous mi tarik spot named Mi Tarik Warisan Asli in Sungai Besi but going there all the way from Bangsar is a big mumbo-jumbo. However, the generous tauke, he is very understanding and thoughtful that KL people also need to endeavor his astounding mi tarik, so he opened up another branch in Jalan Dang Wangi! Very accessible to KL citizens! And yours truly is their regular customer (you can expect to see me sipping mi tarik once in a week hee). What is so special about their mi tarik is that it is imported directly from China, the original place where the Chinese Muslim tauke came from and you can witness the whole process of making one from the penarik mi, LIVE BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! So next time if you opt to go there, I recommend you to try their Fungus and Beef Dry Noodle, which is my permanent order here -.-

Sup Meletup

An exaggerative name, I know. But the soup is really a meletup one, as fancy as the name tells. It is served in a street hawker in Sungai Besi, alongway before reaching the Army Camp. I ordered Kuey Teau Sup something and wallaaah, the waiter served me with a bowl of red soup with loads of lauks in there! Why red soup—me too got no idea meh. But it tastes so so so good, please give it a try! The stall is open daily for 24 hours, so no reason to not pay a visit.

Quar|Tet Café TTDI

Just another coffee shop located quite shyly away in Damansara. Since I am bad in remembering routes, I can’t describe where the exact location of the café is (but you can always ask the smartypants Google). Went there for tea so I opted a hot a latte, a set of fancy doughnuts and a small portion of pavlova. The café is very friendly to anyone’s wallet therefore it erases the sin of the foods not-so-perfectly served and noisy ambience. For me it is not really a place to sit down and settle your works while sipping a cuppa but definitely a can-do for lepak session with your clans. 30% probabilities of re-visit.

Mango Chili

Mango Chili is a newly opened restaurant in Nexus, Bangsar South and it caters Thai delicacies. Since I am one avid fan of any type of Thai foods, paying a visit to this place is a must. However, the foods disappoint me and there was nothing worth to brag about. My tums craved for pineapple fried rice on the day I visited Mango Chili but sadly such fancy food was not in the menu (how come lah!). I think my order was a set of Thai fried rice plus tomyam soup plus chicken satay… and all I can say is it does not worth your pennies. Hmm.


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