Week Eight

Time really fliestoo fast. Yesterday I’ve been on the rave about the second half of my sophomore year and now, the last thing I knew is that I am hopping back on the school bandwagon, settling down with my last seven weeks being a sophomore. Thankfully, I got recharged by the holiday ions so now I am quite geared up to survive the rest of the semester.

As per usual, I do what other students do. I deal with the same problems as much as you do.

Problems called submissions, presentations, and datelines.

But hey! Come what it may, these problems for me are the good ones! After all, these are the problems we ought to deal with when we are enrolling into any school. Of course our parents/ scholars did not pay a posh amount of uni fees just to witness us relaxing and by the end of the semester they get on nerve when our exam’s slips hit the posto. No?

Yeah. I hope the “enthusiasm” adhered to my real life too and not only in this writing… because hmm I think, I think, I gotta finish my mooting submission but I what am I doing here watching old school ANTM’s recap… Hmm…

Would love to hear from you!

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