Week Seven

Currently it is week seven of UM’s academic calendar which means we are all undergoing the melancholy days of uni life. Everyone is either getting really lost nowhere or suffering from sleep depravity due to the craps we have to finish. As for me, I got settled down with my Criminal Law test a couple of days ago, but still have an Administrative Law test tomorrow morning *yawn*. That is not meant to be a problem actually, but it is when an assignment submission is just around the corner. I cannot afford to neglect either one since both are contributing to a very significant amount of percentage for the finals. Meh.

And of course, writing this entry is neither helpful nor constructive but at least it’s better than having to digest all those tiny fonts on my notes. Come on, ever heard of the necessity to get some break in between your studies? I am applying the rule now.

By the way, my usual study treat would be a complete day(s) off from the books, indulging myself with good foods and hitting the cinema for new movies. Also gotta buy stuff(s) that are even not really necessary for my livelihood but very satisfying to my lust. Ultimate catalysts! Anyhow, this time it is even better and I am seriously looking forward for the day!!! The day to…


Mid semester break is approaching errone! Cannot get any hyper than this, now hop on the bandwagon and back to notes guys! Bye! 

Would love to hear from you!

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