The New Federal Court

The hardest question for me is neither to answer what makes Gopal Sri Ram reached a judgment, nor what differentiate a quasi-judicial to administrative. It is always, and will always be…

“Where to eat ha?”

I found this question to be really thorny and annoying at the same time. It may sometimes leads to half-an hour delay before reaching the final decision, and just so you know half an hour is too precious to be wasted on this kinda useless ‘critical thinking’.

So last night Azzairi picked me up for dinner and when he asked me the bloody question again, I gave him a blank stare before uttered my words that I will give in to his absolute discretion. Seriously don’t mind. So he named me a few restaurants, one after another.




Emm NO.

He named quite a couple more, and my annoyance infuriated him so he asked what kind meal I have in mind.

“Ermmm I don’t know. Up to you. I seriously don’t mind. Pergi je la don’t waste time”

“Okay. Harun nak?”

Harun….Come on, you guys can teka my reply kan? A bloody NO too laah of course! And that exasperated the patience limit in him hahaha! So lastly I decided to dine in a nearby soup restaurant which was quite a divergence from the few names he suggested. A random opt.

“See. In the end you jugak pilih where to eat. You are another branch of Federal Court”


Boo me! I love to annoy people kan, but the idea of Federal Court… me loike! I AM! Let’s stick to the mantra “what Kia wants, Kia always gets” 😛 Anyhow, don’t do this to your partner okay, unless he/she has a beyond-reasonable scale of patience. 

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