More Than Words

The ‘cover’ girl I used to be mad in love with, before she’s transformed way hotter as per now. Honestly I missed the old Daniela Andrade. Comfortable in her basic T, glasses on, very minimal make-up, and she only needs her beautiful voice to do the standout job. However despite the physical transformations she undergone, her voice remains a magical blend of everything tranquil… and the genius part is she covers most of the songs I love!

Have a pleasing weekend ahead, errrone!

2 thoughts on “More Than Words

  1. Regarding your entry on The Next PASUM-ian;

    Assalamualaikum, kak. Currently i'm like a super-blur girl on wht courses to choose for UPU. but goshh, reading ur entries made my interest towards Law sparkles again. (i knw it sounds dramatic wtv, hope u dun mind) hmm, so the thing is my parents dislike the fact tht m going to b a lawyer which i dun really mind cos now i kindda agree wf their suggestion on me taking Human Science. therefore, which one shud i apply- Sc Hayat or Sc Fizikal so i can persue in Human Science? -thnk u for ur concern sis, so xcited for ur reply,teehee.

  2. Hello dear! thank you for reading that entry! And i'm super delighted to know that you're in love with law studies, that's the utmost important of all.

    By the way, you can go for either one sains hayat or physical, they are on the same par and weight-age for degree application soon. My advise is to look at your own strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are a Biology person or a Physics person..because that differentiates Sains Hayat to Physical. Go for the one you think you can score better because once you apply for Law studies later, they wont even bother whether you Hayat or Physical. Your pointer will impress them better 😉

    But of course..the best advise is to attend the Law Foundation in UITM. Big chances come from this course and they said it is easier to score. dalam my batch i sorang je PASUMian in Law School, it's that hard no joke! Hmm.

    Goodluck sis and hope my words assist you!

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