Review: Top 5 Eating Places in KL – February 2014

Now that February is over, which means I have to blog about my personal review on several eating places I’ve visited in the month of February, and revealed whether I got pretty hooked up or messed up with them. But first of all, my deepest apology for a week delays because my hands were tightly tied with the busy-ness and I barely eat proper meals last month. Also to the fact that I’ve spent half of February in my hometown so what’s left for me is roughly a two weeks period while surviving in the bad hazy weather, therefore that explains why I got only five eating places to review this month (compared to ten in January). But I think five is just short and sweet, no? Well, hope this helps!
1) Wondermama

Wondermama is just a few minutes’ drive from my campus. Located in the heart of Bangsar Village, Wondermama stands right in front of Starbucks BV, with Plan B nearby and Chawan across the road. What I love the most about Wondermama is obviously the menu, which is extended from varieties of Asian cuisines to the heartiest Western dishes, and mouthful desserts for the sweet-tooth! Prices were quite affordable for students (that is why you could see me quite often there!) and my biggest recommendation for you to try is of course the Seafood Maggi Goreng! Nyonya laksa too! Pisang goreng too! Uh whatever, go try yourself okay!

seafood maggi goreng 

nyonya laksa

2) Flavors

Another one chillax place worth the penny for you Bangsar kids would be Flavors. It is owned by Chef Riz, son of the famous Chef Wan so doubt me not when I assure you guys about how amazeballs their foods are! I tried their cheeseburger or something the other day…I cannot really recall what’s the name of it, but I just got drooled! Seriously sedap! While enjoying our foods, we will be entertained by a specially-hired musician at the entrance of the restaurant who makes the ambience of the whole restaurant much more calming and soothing…mmm so guys what else do you really need? I say good foods with good music do it all! Head up to Flavors guys!

the heaveeennnn cheeseburger

3) Sushi Zanmai

For Japanese food lovers, I don’t think so introducing Sushi Zanmai is a necessity. It is quite familiar for those who always head for decent Japanese cuisines as the one served in Zanmai. But for those who are quite so-so, Zanmai could be pretty alien as compared to Sushi King. Anyway, there are 11 branches of Zanmai in Kuala Lumpur but the most accessible one to me is located on the third floor of The Gardens mall. As I claimed earlier, Zanmai’s sushi are quite decent but still cannot beat Kampachi or Matsuya lah! However since they are wallet-friendly, I shall list it down here. So if you feel like trying Zanmai’s out, go ahead and be patience with the queue (lotsa people wanna dine in here!). My recommendations would be their lobster, Spider- sushi, sashimi, and katsudon.
chicken katsudon and spider sushi

seven wonders + one role and chicken dish something

4) Warong Leko

What came across your mind if I ever mention ‘INDONESIAN FOODS!!!’??? Ayam penyet? Lele penyet? Sapi penyet? Durhhh so borrrinng.. But in Warong Leko, you can find the other side of penyet series, which is definitely ze bombbbh… the IGA PENYET! Iga refers to ribs, so just imagine you eating ribs penyet that is serves with 3-level of hotness depending on your preference, together with sup asam, an Indonesian must try! Also don’t forget to try out their Susu Cola, Coca Cola served with susu pekat in which I know an ultimate guilty pleasure but come on, it saves your penny from flying to Bandung just to try this drink kan. Hehe. Now head up to The Curve Damansara and feast your taste-buds, pals!

This image is a courtesy of Google because my camera one was so suck! Source

6) Acme Bar and Coffee

The visit to this posh bar wasn’t an intended one, completely an impromptu. I was in the midst of adjusting my schedule when out of the blue my sugar rush hit the adrenaline, and then I know I need my sweet-fix. Hence the visit at 11pm -.-‘  I really wanted to try their pavlova and sandwich but the waiter told that their kitchen is already closed so can only go for what’s available on the bar counter. With a tad of disappointment, both of us had a slice of cheesy caramel macadamia cake, cherry tea and a cup of hot chocolate. All three were beyond ‘very-delicious’ scale and my words here won’t do enough justice, I say you must go and try it out yourself! MADNESS! Oh btw it is located in The Troica Jalan Binjai, very nearby to KLCC and Avenue K.
heaven supper

 That’s all! Happiness comes from a happy tummy too 😛

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