New Task!

It is quite common for any woman when it comes to her dandy mood, she’ll picture how her perfect wedding is going to be. Imagining the aisle, the dais, the hantaran and the most highlighted one is of course, the dress. Hee. No guys, though I sound dandy for the moment, I am not going to get married anytime soon. I am quite rational when it comes to the thin line existed between cita and cinta. Very poyo -_-. Actually, it is my close friend who is going to get married in not-so-near but not-too-far time from now, and yes I am not going to reveal her identity! Can trust me for this private and confidential part.
Well, concerning to her marriage, I don’t know which hantu possessed her mind till she entrusted me to be her ‘wedding dress designer’, apart from the responsibility to be one of the bridesmaids of course… So yeah, though I pretty much doubted my so-called ability, I somehow agreed to this crazy request after being persuaded by her that it’s going to be a teammate-kinda-thang.
Okay, off to Jalan Tar we went in the last weekend! Basically, we shoved in each and every single shop there, bargained for the best price, short-listed the potential ‘candidates’, posed in one fabric after another and chow. My friend was quite fussy and having me as THE DESIGNER…even fussier. Hahaha. And nope guys, we bought nothing. Not because we were penniless but come on, this deals with THE DRESS. The one and only dress you’ll be wearing for once in your entire life. Definitely cannot play play kan… After all, itu baru Jalan Tar sisters, we have more destinations to barge in! But one thing I learned and shall bear in mind is… it is NOT A CELAH GIGI business when it comes to wedding! Early preparation works best! Shall I decrease a bit my ‘rational cinta and cita thin line’ now? Yay? Nay?
Can’t wait for our second round of dress hunting!

Who’s the excited one right now? 😛

Would love to hear from you!

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