Ignorance is Bliss?

People always regard ignorance is bliss. When you ignore something, your life becomes happier and your days feel brighter. To the hell with what others are talking about you and to the earth-core what others are thinking or judging about you. Although I’m in a minor portion being quite positive as the saying goes (because well, truth is… the world isn’t always watching), but to the fullest extent, I cannot give my sincere nod of agreement. Ignorance is not fully bliss.
Easy. Because ignoring others’ feelings shows your lack of courtesy, intelligence and gentility.
Excuse my language but for the moment I am quite frustrated with my college’s administration. They closed the parking space for God-knows-what-the-reason is, resulting in lots of car owners in the residence being clueless on where on earth to park their cars. Some says the closure is done to reserve spaces for one of the college’s project in MARCH. Some says it was done to tar the jalan. Whatever their justifications might be, they never came with at least a proper notice justifying to us the residences, why did they conduct the bloody act! Day by day, you can see a few number of cars being clamped just because they parked improperly (as if there are plentiful of alternatives available).
On the other note, parking spaces for the FELOs/highest authorities are still available and untouched. They even clamped your cars if you parked at their lots. Okay let’s set aside the injustice because some might argue that it is privileged. After all, injustice is a practice quite well-blended with this college anyways, so let’s pretend we are all pretty immune to it. But, on a logical stand can’t the authorities feel at least a little bit considerate to us the students? Takkan tak rasa apa apa tengok kereta tabur sini sana hari hari kena clamp? As the closest flock who witnesses the student’s poorly scattered cars each and every single day, how can they feel nothing and act nothing? Or they actually did something but it got stuck there in the meeting room? Kan the ‘college people’ really fancies endless meetings…
Well, I am sorry if my entry sounds a bit more on the complaining side but this comes sincerely from the bottom of my heart as a disheartened resident of the most-wanted college in Universiti Malaya. I did not pay the posh amount of college fees for a decent haven per se, I surely expected more than that. By writing this I mean no sedition, no defamation (and if I got accused for one also the ‘honest comment’ defense in laws is available for me), I am writing this for I see no move is taken from the student’s voices. Oh. There’s a virtual one actually, from one of the college’s hicoms who posted a picture of his/her tires got clamped and proudly claimed THIS COLLEGE HAS THE HIGHEST INTEGRITY VALUE. Hmm, no darling. It was clearly not an integrity value but it shows how weak the student’s representatives are in defending our rights… No offence but if anyone who got tickled by this entry, I want you to know that ignorance is really not bliss and cut the crap off, PLEASE!!!
And oh! If in the near future, I am no longer allowed to stay in this college just because this entry serves as the cornerstone or weightage, it shows how ‘open-minded’ this college is in listening and responding to students’ complaints. 

So, ignorance is bliss. Do you think so?

Would love to hear from you!

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