Photo Freak

These days, thoughtful newly-weds do not only cater yummy foods and adorbs doorgifts for their guests but they will actually ensure a beautiful backgrounds for these gila gambar guests to strike a pose. Even better if there are props attached so that all pictures taken are Instagram-approved. Ah speaking of Instagram, no doubt it is THE mother effing root to this socially retard phenomenon, creating more and more narcissists daily.

So one of my seniors got married last weekend, and I was one invitee amongst many in the guests list. The wedding took place in Pusat Komuniti Bukit Damansara, a very nice venue with picturesque ambience which I highly recommend if you are searching north and south for your own wedding.

When Azzairi and I arrived, we can’t see any shadow of fancy hardboard wallpaper, little decos at any corner, so I guessed it was a huge disappointment for my top notch narcissist boyfriend. Serve him right, no nice background for him to force me ambil his picture. Wehhoo. But, my happiness wasn’t meant to be long lasting because…

He saw THAT instant-ready-to-print-Insta-booth! Aishhh! Apa lagi, he dragged me along and had massive selfies in it. After four shots, the booth man ushered us to get out but I wasn’t satisfied. Like hello come on, we lined up till our legs got cramped and that was it? You think ‘enough’ is a justice word here? No right? So… I told him “JOM BERATUR LAGI!!”


Whoever invented this culture is definitely a pure………………………………………………GENIUS!! Oh God! I can’t hide that I pun suka this thing! Hahahaha! 

So…jakun right? 


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