Gong Xi Gong Xi!

For those who think my law school is a factory producing only bunch of nerds with thick glasses, clinging heavy textbooks at all time… isk isk sorry darlings but you are too far away from the truth. Despite the almost-no-gap academic classes, we run joys together just to loosen up a bit, y’know.

So yesterday the Law Society ran an event called the Chinese New Year Open House. We held it annually but this happened to be my first time attending. OK lar, I do admit I am not really a fan for in-campus-society-based events because I found most of them to be extremely boring. I had to attend almost all last year for I was holding a post in it. But not now baby, I’ve moved on and you cannot drag my feet into it 😛

But yesterday was an exception. Attended the 2-hours event whole-heartedly after I saw what the event had to offer for foods! Kung pao chicken, dim sum, sweet and sour fish, mixed veges, loh hon kor and all those weird Chinese cuisines for only 5 ringgit fees je! Eh hello I must be losing my mind to say no!

God knows what it says…

One of these two lions came dancing right in front of my very eyes. I am not a naga-phobic but Aina sitting next to me was screaming her lungs out as it was dancing and silencing as to muntah something from its mouth. Come on lah, we all know it’ll be limau kan but guess what came out??? PENAL CODE and two limau -.- Suddenly got so freaked out…why so academician lah this naga?

first time trying yee sang with the lecturers!

fashion show by the kiasu year of all… the first year’s.

The Dean in his speech reminded the whole lawfac family to be united and be proud of our melting pot but I disagreed to his point because…come on reality hits baby. Salad bowl-ing everyone would be a better idea instead of melting pot kan? Celebrating differences in unity, just like how we Malaysians are embracing.
Uh suddenly got so serious -_-‘
Whatever. I am truly blessed to be in this awesome family! Good job UMLS! Hope to attend the next CNY!

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