Number Two

No worry, no catwangs included in this entry 😛

Yesterday was my day two for semester two, year two in law school. The eagerness has slightly subsided already, well as expected but not totally haggard. Fret not, positive vibes are still here to guarantee my new semester a joyous one *throwing confetti*.

My classes were quite full yesterday in terms of slots but its content was vice versa. You know, nothing much to expect for every first lecture, it’ll forever be lecturers briefing the students on what to expect, which statutes and books to buy, how she or he will perform the evaluations, and one that seems important… tutorial registration.

But I did two things I once thought I’d never try in my whole entire life. The first one was sneakers’ hunting with Arisya. Ladies and gentlemen, you know how growing my relationship is with stilettos, heels, wedges, flats and anything ladylike that it’ll be a surprise when I started to hold anything of their contrast! You know kan? Well if you don’t I told you just now anyway…hee. Arisya dragged me to stores I had never step my feet on, Nike, Adidas, Converse, Quicksilver and the list goes on. Good thing anyway, from the hunt I’ve learned that sport shoes and sneakers are two different things and didn’t work in the same manner. Never mind sister, I choose to keep on donning ‘my kind’ of shoes. *awkwardly smirking at my one and only super clean sport shoes*

geddit when I said they all looked the same to me?

In the night, I went to watch a theater show which happened to be umm… my first time also. Not far from what I’ve imagined, still there are creatures acting live in front of my very eyes, light plays, background music, heavy make ups.. stuffs like that. These people are so great lah, I mean Husna and Uyaina, like future lawyers can actually do the acting?! Adoi, you guys seriously got nothing to worry to step into the glamorous filming industry, well just in case you guys don’t feel like practicing later 😛 

Honestly we were feeling great when people ushered us ‘ooo so the two actresses are your friends?’ *I need more friends acting*

They even got offered to berlakon under few big names like Uyaina that day berlakon for Erma Fatima! *I need to start acting too lah*

Anyhow I still prefer watching movies, no offence!

sole reason to go and watch the theater… Husna playing the role as bitchy Wida

That’s it for day two, so far so good laa.

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