Bestfriend’s Guides on Being Financially Smarter

Oftentimes I went over the budget and shamelessly asked for more money from my parents, since they are my loyal scholar and spend the money on the unnecessary (like more handbags, more tops). I mean, they are quitenecessary but not so critical lah. Kot. Hmm. 

One fine day in the past few weeks I went for a haul with Tayn and she kept on stressing that she’s in a vital need for a new pair of wedges. Preferably multi-purpose, suits well for semi casual or fun-edgy look and most importantly, won’t starve her purse. Being a so-called expert I am, I dragged her to Charles and Keith when their new collection for spring was freshly released. Tayn grabbed a gorgeous pair of wedges in burgundy which made my heart pounded harder than she was. It was so perfect that I warned her if she refused to make a purchase, she’ll regret it later or dramatically… for her entire life. (And even offered her that I’m willing to buy the exact same pair if she thinks I was lying about the gorgeousness, duh) But my bestfriend being an economically savior she is, kept on inspecting the wedges, silently debating with her altered ego and moments later, refused to make ‘em hers but spontaneously ajak me makan -_-‘

Is that all Ciktayn? You left the beauty crying alone on its’ rack? Is that your kind of beautiful ending? T.T

Bestfriend was as firm as rock. No sign that she’ll make a U-turn *more cry*

Time passed by then a few days ago I told her one of BIGGEST resolution for this upcoming semester is to control my finance and be better in financial management. I asked for her support because reminiscing the burgundy wedges’ moments left me with thousands of wonder, how ‘kuat iman’ my bestfriend is! Regarding the resolution, others would probably mock at me since this is a repetitive resolution that I have not yet achieved over time but Tayn supported me and gave me these words that I really think I need to share it with those having the same problem with me:

Major issue: How to resist from overspending on handbags and clothes?

Suggested mechanism:
1)   Bear in mind that you are still a student. Donning different handbags daily to law school is not really long-term impressive. When the heart opts for designers’, be reminded that if you already own them now, what’s left for you when you are working later? It is rather satisfying to own designers’ with your own efforts at the right time, pretty soon.

2)    Revise the financial itinerary and cut down few cash on shopping. This might vary from individuals to another but limiting the spared amounts non-drastically won’t do obvious emotional harm. Do it within your capacity and by time, slowly decrease the amounts further and in the end of the day you’ll be more excited to spend on the ‘hidden’ cash on… designers’? Hahaha.

3)    Be more creative with your wardrobe. Pour more skills on mix and match rather than spending on a new pair of top. Can call this #myfashiongurumoment no?

4)    Do a ‘credit-debit’ flow for your wardrobe. Like, what’s the ‘in’ thing have you brought into the closet in the past fornight and where your baju goes. Sounds more like security issue but it keeps track on how much money have you spent on the wardrobe! I love this idea!

I have a genius bestfriend! Alhamdulillah. Anyway, the way I wrote ‘the upcoming semester’ sounds like it takes forever to be there when it is actually tomorrow. Wish me luck. *bite nails* 


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