The Unforgivable Mistake

Oftentimes, I claimed myself as a hardcore ‘familist’. Came the storms or rainbows, I have, and will always put my family first thing first on the list. Until a slight but sinful error I made, I started to doubt my revenue pretty well for this.

Sometime in January, it was my Dad’s birthday. It happened on the day when I have a flight to catch from KL back to my hometown in KB, quite early in the morning. Well, being the non-morning person I am, I struggled to Whatsapp my Dad to throw him a birthday wish, in between  the sappy struggles of keeping my eyes wide awake. Whatsapp first lah, he might be quite busy running errands at such hour.

So I typed : Happy 41st birthday handsome boyfriend bla bla bla da da da, short but sweet enough for a Whatsapp-able length text message.

Continued munching my sausage McMuffin, chatting over with Azzairi and Janise, my companions that day.

Minutes later, my phone beeped. Dropped the foods and was too excited to know what my father has to say about my sweetness. Conversely what I read was far astray from my initial thought, bunch of my red blood cells ran off, pretty sure that my face was weary at the mo, and can actually feel the invisible wrinkles molded in between my forehead, creating instant dizziness. Oh. My. God. Jaw dropped.

The reply said:  Thank you bla bla bla. But I am 43 not 41 lah Kak Long.


How sinful is that? Forgetting the real age of my own DAD!!! Perhaps my Dad regarded the text message as a hopeless mishmash of whatifs and maybes I did, shooting in the dark and really hope to hit the right guess of his age. Meh, terrible beyond words! I concealed up my mistake, told him I was too sleepy and quite tired from the Pangkor trip. He really said it was okay but still, I can’t accept and vanish my foolish mistake like that!

The last thing I knew, I was more than careful when I wished my mom happy 43rdbirthday two days after my dad’s. 43 not 41.

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