When the Constitution is Merely a Chessboard

            The news about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s candidacy to run in the by-election in Kajang, after the former Kajang ADUN, Lim Chin Cheh’s resignation is received with various responses from the rakyat. There’s a flock that support his move which is regarded as a stepping stone to lurch PKR forward to Putrajaya, one step closer and claimed this is the constitutional right upheld in the FC itself (which is contrary if the same thing happens in BN, they’ll claim it’s a contempt to the people). On the other hand, there’s also flock of people who oppose to Anwar’s candidacy saying it’s a no gentlemen game, and lastly the flock of people who don’t even take a stake regarding this matter. Well, I understand if handbags issue is rather crucial than national issues, hands off.

            The candidacy of Anwar Ibrahim is performed after a consensus is achieved between DAP and PAS, as reported because they believed Anwar is able boost the stellar performance of the province better than it is now. Hence, came the resignation of Lim Chin Cheh. Yes it is true that there’s neither expressed nor implied restriction for a State Legislative members to resign from his post in the Federal Constitution.  However, just because it is allowed by the Supreme Law, then this matter has been exploited and manipulated for personal purposes. Hence, basing on the ‘green light’ given by the Federal Constitution, people’s drive is decided in dawdle, in gamble, like what the people want is not important, like what matters the most is what I want. Roaming the time machine, back then during contention for Permatang Pauh seat, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah has stepped down her post to make a pathway for Anwar, which he remains the post until now. That was a holy sacrifice from a wife to a hub, but definitely a contempt to people’s hopes and wishes. And here in 2014, we are waving helloto dejavu?

            What’s left for the real definition of democracy if the end chapter is written this way? Democracy doesn’t teach us to exclude people’s hope, people’s wish, and people’s dream but these three aspects are the not-to-be-missed ingredients to be mixed, to shape an impeccable democracy dough. Lim Chin Cheh wasn’t miraculously borne out being Kajang’s ADUN but he was once chosen by the people based on a strong foundation of trust and hope vested on him, but this seems less importance compared to pleasing a higher authority. Not just it shows how the choice that the people made is not respected, but also it is a virtual symbol of how the people is bamboozled just because Anwar’s optimism that he’ll surely win again this time. Right now we vied that we are still in the ship of democracy not dictatorship, but dictatorship surely arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny.

            Again, it ripped off the exclusive value of an election. As if one election is held today, another new one can be done tomorrow, that easy. If one ADUN feels like today he’s in the mood to perform his job and tomorrow he just ceases feeling that way, he’s free to resign and later on tapping another politician’s shoulder, ‘oh please settle down the unsettled will you’. That easy? Once again, this is in no mean contrary to the Constitution but what happened to the true value of democracy reflected through an election? As we know, a mini election like this one is not free of charge yet it might be summed up to a several digits of ka-chings. And the ka-chings aunties and uncles, came from the people, while majority of them are complaining to upraising living costs these days.

            Surely, I would say this is a smart strategy from a brilliant politician. The most brilliant politicians for me are those who keep the fighting away from the issues. They bitch and throw rocks over the tiny subplots of the issue and hope the other politicians and nationals are diverted away from the obvious flaw(s) they made. But truth is people are getting smarter. Malaysians aregetting smarter.  We no longer play chess, sitting quietly, thinking out of our strategies, taking times between moves, we just don’t. It’s more like playing billiard these days, with a bunch of balls clustering together ready to strike out. So sir, don’t just take your fingers off the piece and later be panic of the mistake you’ve made on the chessboard. It’ll gross. It’ll surely be a…checkmate.

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